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Arlington PD Cracks Down on Road Rage

NBC 5 recently went on a ride along with the Arlington Police Department for a closer look at how that agency is combatting road rage incidents.

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Arlington police stepped up their anti-road rage incidents after Dylan Spaid died in 2017 following a road rage-related shooting.

NBC 5 journalists road with Sgt. John Brown of the Arlington Police Department as he patrolled Interstate 20 on March 7, 2018, monitoring drivers during the morning commute.

Brown told his partner to notify Grand Prairie police when a black Ford Mustang sped by into their jurisdiction.

“We don’t want to endanger our lives or the general public’s life trying to catch up and stop this guy,” Brown said.

He said he’s seen far too many times how those chases can end.

“I’ve seen families being affected in a flash of an eye,” he said.

Such a situation ended last year in Dylan Spaid’s death. The 19-year-old died on Interstate 20 in June 2017 after being shot by a gunman in a black BMW. Police are still searching for the vehicle and its driver, which was caught on a surveillance camera.

“Once it happened, we want to be on the front end, being out here being high visibility, being more proactive,” Brown said.

Spaid’s death prompted the Arlington Police Department’s newly aggressive stance. Since July 2017 the road rage detail has made 2,896 traffic stops, handed out 3,513 citations and arrested 36 people for violations including cutting drivers off without signaling, tailgating and driving on the shoulder.

Police officials said they want to drive home the potential dangers of road rage, whether it come from aggressive driving or potential violent behavior.

“Does somebody have a firearm?” Brown said. “You don’t know what someone has in their car. You don’t know what someone went through that morning, and any small thing could trigger someone to do something that they’ll regret.”

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