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2014 Nissan Pathfinder Lemon – Air Conditioning

City: Joaquin

State: Texas

Zip: 75954

Vehicle Status on Purchase: New

Year: 2014

Make:  Nissan

Model: Pathfinder

Date Purchased: 2/20/14

Selling Dealer: Patterson Nissan

Dealer City:  Longview, Texas

Servicing Dealer:  Patterson Nissan

Servicing Dealer City:  Longview, Texas

Remedy Sought: Repurchase/replacement

Problem 1:  AC stopped working

Date In:  2/21/14

Date Out:  2/24/14

Mileage:  175

Date In:  6/5/14

Date Out:  6/9/14

Mileage:  8276

Problem 2: Transmission started jerking

Date In:  6/5/14

Date Out:  6/9/14

Mileage:  8276

Date In:  6/10/14

Date Out:  6/25/14

Mileage:  8485

Date In:  8/19/14

Date Out:  –

Mileage:  10847

To learn more about this lemon, please click -> 2014 Nissan Pathfinder-JLS

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