Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer

Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer

Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are a citizen of the Lone Star State and have fallen on hard times, you might have thought about contacting a Texas bankruptcy lawyer for a free consultation. Allen Stewart P.C. is a reputed bankruptcy lawyer practicing in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding communities. Our law firm specializes in debt relief services, and we invite you to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced bankruptcy lawyers at your earliest convenience.

Can I Just Represent Myself?

We wouldn't recommend it! Now, you might think, "This is a greedy law firm that wants my money. Of course they're going to tell me I should hire them when I could just represent myself!" Truthfully, it's in your best interest that you hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, whether it's our firm or another, not ours. Just like most people wouldn't try to fix their vehicles on their own, so too you should not try to represent yourself in court. In both instances, you need a reliable expert who knows what they're doing.

At Allen Stewart P.C., we understand that if you're filing a bankruptcy, you probably don't have a large saving to pay a lawyer for acceptance and filing fees. That is why we work with our clients to come up with doable payment solutions that don't drain your paycheck or make it hard for you to get by week-to-week while your bankruptcy is ongoing.

What Kind of Bankruptcy Should I File?

There's no way to tell a person what kind of bankruptcy they should file until they come in for a free consultation. This is because we need to know the specific details of your case before we can proceed. When you call to schedule your free consultation, we'll get a general understanding of your situation and tell you what documents to bring with you. Once we know the ins and outs of your financial situation, we'll be able to advise you whether Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or a bankruptcy alternative would be best for you.

Always Be Honest and Make Sure Your Paperwork is Filed Properly

In a bankruptcy case, a debtor must be very accurate in his or her dealings with the court at all times, including filling out the Statement of Financial Affairs and schedules accurately. These papers and the debtor's testimoney at the 341 bankruptcy meeting are sworn to under penalty of perjury. There can be severe consequences for violating this duty.

A debtor has to be honest about their finances, assets, and debts with the court, including filing all schedules in a timely and accurate manner. This is another area where having an experienced Texas bankruptcy lawyer on your side can go a long way!

Get the Help You Need

Contact Allen Stewart P.C. and schedule your free consultation today. Here, you will find a competent Texas bankruptcy lawyer who can help you get the fresh start you need. Every day, we help people just like you to get out of debt. 

Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer
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Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer
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