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Securities Fraud

Securities Fraud

Risk-averse, rational investors don’t just have poor investments to worry about; they are also concerned about poor advice.

Unlike institutional investors who have tons of qualified financial experts at their disposal, small-time investors such as yourself mostly rely on their brokerage firm for advice. Unfortunately, sometimes this can cost them dearly.

Brokerage firm misconduct is a pervasive problem, with thousands of investors facing losses due to negligence and other breaches of duty.

Some common examples of stockbroker misconduct include:

  • Unsuitable investment recommendations
  • Unauthorized trading
  • Outright securities fraud
  • Lack of proper portfolio diversification
  • Excessive trading to raise transaction costs and fees
  • Violation of the US Blue Sky Laws

By far, securities fraud is one of the most sinister problems an investor can face at their broker's hands. It involves the brokerage firm using manipulative and deceptive means to carry out transactions that are not in the investor's interest.

The unprofitable purchase or sale of a security to gain commissions, forging investor signatures, and stealing money are all examples of this act of deceptive misconduct.

What Should I Do As A Victim Of Brokerage Firm Misconduct?

If you ever encounter a fraudulent broker, your first instinct would be to recuperate your losses. Here’s what you should do to make good on your investments:

  • Contact Your Broker

Discuss the issue with the brokerage firm and management to gauge whether it was caused by their negligence or manipulation or by changes in the market. If you are dissatisfied with their response, it is prime time to bring legal investor claims against them.

  • Have Your Accounts Reviewed by an Investment Lawyer

To ensure you have a solid and authentic claim against the broker, you should ask an investment attorney to review your accounts and transaction history. Leading securities and investment fraud lawyers, such as Chris Bebel, have tons of experience regarding stockbroker misconduct cases and can easily detect suspicious patterns in your portfolio returns.

  • Seek Assistance From Your Investment Fraud Attorney

If your investment lawyer believes that you have a valid claim against the broker, they will build an evidence-laden case for you to assist in litigation.

Challenging the firm's untrue claims is most often better than trying to recover the losses via market trading or by accepting the firm's settlement money if any. You should decide to settle or contest your claims with the help of your attorney's sound legal advice and expertise.

How Can Chris Bebel Teffteller Law PLLC Help You?

Chris Bebel is one of the best investor lawyers in the country, in addition to being a past federal prosecutor and an enforcement attorney for the SEC and NASD.

At our securities and investment fraud litigation practice, we analyze each victim's investment history, broker communications, and portfolio to assess the possibility and extend of manipulation. We also review brokerage firm conduct via their current and past investors' testimony and any prior allegations to aid our assessment.

Based on all collected evidence, we create a fool-proof case for fraudulent misconduct against the broker and recover the investor's losses.

To know about what we can do for you, contact Chris Bebel Tefteller Law for a free legal consultation: 903-843-5678

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