Ohio New Car Lemon Law
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We handle cases across the United States. Allen Stewart is licensed to practice law in Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona.

Ohio New Car Lemon Law

The Ohio new car lemon law protects you from creating a dangerous situation that places you and the people around you at risk of serious injury. The state works to ensure that your new vehicle is roadworthy. If you suspect that a repeated repair is caused by a serious and irreversible defect, the law offices of Allen Stewart can help with experience protecting consumers in multiple markets.

Is there a law that protects me from purchasing a defective vehicle?

Many regulations exist to protect customers from a defective product. While the marketplace promotes caveat emptor, continual injury found this practice to be untenable. Federal laws regarding fraud and warranties exist to help anyone avoid a disastrous outcome.

The state has an obligation to keep roadways safe. Vehicles that are incapable of normal operation are at greater risk for a wreck. To assure that the cars and trucks we drive do not pose a risk to everyone and that the marketplace remains fraud-free, lemon laws penalize companies selling defective vehicles and entitle you to reparations for your purchase.

Does Ohio have a lemon law?

Ohio seeks to keep you roadworthy. Ohio law requires that you maintain a record of each repair. If your vehicle, leased or owned, is in the shop multiple times within one year of purchase or the first 180000 miles, you can submit a claim. Any damage cannot be the result of negligence or abuse.

Even if your car does not need repair three or more times within one year, it may still be a lemon. Your car or truck qualifies if it is in the shop for more than thirty days. Any issue likely to cause significant bodily injury or death also qualifies.

Is my used car protected by lemon laws in Ohio?

Unlike other states such as Wisconsin and Massachusetts, used cars do not fall under the Ohio lemon law. Any defect must be discovered within 12 months or 18000 miles.

This does not mean that you are without remedy. Fraud is illegal and dealers must disclose any issue that makes your car or truck unfit for the road. Failure to obtain the proper title is a major issue the department of motor vehicles seeks to prevent.

Federal law may also apply if you are the first owner and under warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act can apply to your situation.

Do I need a lawyer to enforce the lemon laws?

While not required, cost-shifting provisions make not hiring an attorney detrimental to your cause. We know how to help you remedy your current situation. Our attorneys carry the force of the law in every communication with the opposite party.

Ohio new car lemon law attorney

The Ohio lemon law protects new car owners from using unroadworthy vehicles. Our attorneys are ready to help you obtain the best outcome in any situation. Contact us today to find out what remedies are available for you and remember to never return a car to the dealership before enforcing the law.

Ohio New Car Lemon Law

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Ohio New Car Lemon Law Ohio New Car Lemon Law
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