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Lethbridge Mortgages

Lethbridge Mortgages

A mortgage broker can provide an easier path to homeownership compared with a conventional lender when you’re looking into Lethbridge mortgages. If you’ve been turned down by your bank for a loan or are not satisfied with the loan terms outlined in your contract, Mortgage Design Group can show you how easy it is to get approved for a home loan through one of our lenders. If you dream of owning your own home but worry that your credit history or income will negatively impact your loan eligibility, we have great news for you- there’s a mortgage program designed to meet the needs of every borrower.

Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Mortgage Broker

1. Are you a local mortgage brokerage or do you do business nation-wide? Partnering with a mortgage broker near you will afford you several key advantages; by choosing a brokerage that has a vested interest in your community, you’ll know with certainty that your agent has your best interest at heart.

2. Am I qualified for down payment assistance? You may be able to afford monthly mortgage payments, but coming up with a sizable down payment might be an issue according to your financial situation. Make sure you know how much money you’ll need to come up with right from the start.

3. Are your mortgage brokers and agents accessible if I have additional questions throughout the loan process? Instead of connecting with Lethbridge mortgages companies only through the internet, you’ll want to have a phone number you can call whenever you need help from your agent.

4. Does my credit history qualify me for the best mortgage rates? If the answer is no, you may consider taking a few months to build your credit score in order to become eligible for a lower rate.

5. What will my monthly mortgage payment be after closing? Knowing exactly how much you’ll be paying on your mortgage each month will allow you to determine whether you’ll stay within your budget after buying a home.

6. Which type of loan is right for me considering my financial status and history? Mortgage brokers have access to many different programs, including downpayment assistance for Lethbridge mortgages. Explore every option before you choose a loan program.

7. Can you guarantee me a loan rate lock for a specific period of time? If you’re concerned about rising interest rates, it may be prudent to inquire about locking in a current rate while you consider mortgage programs and options.

8. Are you a Canadian mortgage corporation? By partnering with a Canadian brokerage, your agent will have a broad range of knowledge when it comes to Lethbridge mortgages.

When you’re ready to get serious about buying a home, get in touch with Mortgage Design Group to find out about the best mortgages available to Canadian citizens. Reach us by phone at 403-942-4099 or stay on our website and connect with us through our Web form. Take advantage of free blog articles and resources on our site, as well.

Lethbridge Mortgages
Mortgage Design Group Inc
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Lethbridge Mortgages
3010 32 Street South #2
Lethbridge AB T1K 7B4

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Lethbridge Mortgages Lethbridge Mortgages

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