Lemon Law For Vehicles
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Lemon Law For Vehicles

Do you have questions about the lemon law for vehicles and how it pertains to your state? Lemon Law Attorney, Allen Stewart, can answer your questions in full and offer you legal advice and representation if you decide to take your case to the courtroom. Lemon laws vary by state, so it's important that you spend time on the phone with a knowledgeable lawyer who understands the law in the state where you reside. If you live in TX, CA, NY, PA, MO, NC, OH, or AZ, make the free call to our legal experts at 866-440-2460 for more information.

Q: Is there a lemon for cars law in my state?

A: Every state protects consumers with some type of lemon law. Some states specify that their lemon law only covers brand new cars purchased from a dealership while other laws extend to low mileage used vehicles, as well. Speak with our lemon law attorney to find out if you're covered by your state's lemon law.

Q: What will the lemon law do for me?

A: If you've purchased a vehicle and are unable to drive it due to repeated visits to the repair shop or your mechanic's inability to fix what's wrong, the lemon law might pertain to you. In order to qualify, you'll have to give the dealer ample time and attempts to make repairs; the number of attempts is determined by how serious the problems are. Typically, if the problem is related to a safety issue, the dealership must fix the problem relatively quickly. Speak with our lemon law experts for legal advice on the matter.

Q: What happens if the dealership won't reimburse my money and still has my vehicle?

A: The law is on your side; it could just be a matter of hiring a lemon lawyer to speed things up in court. It's amazing how quickly an automobile dealership will do what's right for the customer when a lemon lawyer step in and demands customer satisfaction according to the law. Don't allow the dealer or the vehicle's manufacturer to give you the run-around; contact Allen Stewart law for a free consultation today.

Q: What are the benefits of hiring a consumer rights lawyer?

A: There are consumer-friendly laws on the books that ensure automobile buyers aren't stuck with defective vehicles, but the law goes beyond this basic right and also protects the consumer from having to pay a lawyer to represent them in court. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act will require the vehicle's manufacturers to pay your attorney fees if they lose in court, which is often enough pressure to reimburse the motorist without having to go to court.

Q: Can I win a case against a car manufacturer?

A: You certainly can; in fact, your chances are greatly improved when you hire Attorney Allen Stewart to represent your case. The lemon law for vehicles is not easy to understand; speak with our legal experts for advice when you call 866-440-2460 or connect with our team online.

Lemon Law For Vehicles

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Lemon Law For Vehicles Lemon Law For Vehicles
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