Houston Medical Billing

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Houston Medical Billing

Houston Medical Billing

Why get caught up between trying to manage personal schedules, attending to patients, upgrading your knowledge of the latest tools and technology required for the effective running of your medical practice, and also go through the overwhelming stress of insurance claims and patient whiles when you can outsource your medical billing to the best company for medical billings in Houston TX? 

Founded by Deion Whorton, PCS Revenue Cycle Management, a Houston TX medical billing company, has grown to be among the top leading companies in the Houston medical Billing Market.

Over the past 15 years, we have been working with the best medical practices. The right knowledge of your revenue goal we possess targeted to make life easier for you and your health care provider is second to none.

Our expert medical billing consultants offer a free analysis of your current billing process, tell you what you are doing incorrectly, and walk you through ways by which you can maximize your reimbursements.

We help our clients increase reimbursement by up to 20% and get their payment by doing our billing electronically.

Our billing services cover for your:

Medical Billing Services, Electronic claims processing, Drug Rehab Billing, Charge entries, Behavioral Health Billers, follow up claims with all payers, appeals process as needed for all denials, Payment posting, Patient statements, Patient correspondence, Collection lists, Revenue cycle assessments, and Fee schedule management.

For our starting medical billing package, you will also get your insurance verification of benefits (as most claims are being denied due to inappropriate verification of the benefits), utilization management, and your billings and collections.

We have the best medical billing specialists whose principal aim is to maximize your reimbursements 25% faster and increase your collection by up to 20-30%. They also ensure that they help you reduce denials by up to 80%.

All our providers are protected under Hiscox, a professional error, and omission insurance. This is to ensure maximum security for your billings.

We also provide weekly, monthly, and annual reports for our clients, which serve as a form of assessment to them where they can get to know what's the latest as regards their billing deals.

We understand that it could get frustrating having to stay on call for over 30 - 45 minutes without getting a response for the claims you've made, which results in not having enough time to attend to your patient. Hence our medical billing package also covers billing and collections for all services and follow-up and denial management on claims that deny or reject.

To further prove our expertise, we give you a full 60 days to take advantage of our services. If you aren't satisfied, there's no fee required for you to terminate our services.

If you would love to talk with one of our medical billing specialists regarding our billing services' price and how to get started, Contact PCS Revenue Cycle Management to consult with a full-service medical billing company: 281-937-4089.

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Houston Medical Billing Houston Medical Billing Houston Medical Billing
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