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Family Trust To Protect Assets From Divorce

If you’re thinking about establishing a family trust to protect assets from divorce, Melbourne family lawyers from Rigoli Lawyers can help you get set up with a trust that will keep you safeguarded in the event of a divorce in the future. Contact our family attorney in Melbourne with your questions about a trust or continue to explore resources found on our website that may be able to answer your questions in full. When you’re ready, give us a call at 03 8742 3199 to discuss trust options with our Australian family law lawyers.

Using a Family Trust To Protect Assets From Divorce- Top Tips

To avoid having marital property divided by a court of law in the event of a divorce, you’ll need to have foresight going into a marriage. Establishing a trust will mean the property you take into your marriage will not be considered marital property during a divorce, however, the trust will have to be set up prior to the marriage. Complications can arise if you were to fund a revocable trust with assets that were marital property, so it’s highly advisable to speak with an attorney who is experienced with trusts. Reach out to Rigoli Lawyers to get started.

Well-Respected Family Law Offices Of Rigoli Lawyers

Our law firm is conprised of experienced and highly skilled family lawyers who are here for you if you have questions or need our services. We’re pleased to offer all potential clients the opportunity to speak with a family lawyer through a free 30-minute consultation. If you would benefit from a one-on-one conversation with a knowledgeable lawyer, please get in touch with us today. Attorney Rigoli brings more than 25 years of experience to your situation.

Our Lawyers Are In Your Corner

If you’re concerned about how your divorce or separation will affect your family trust(s), we recommend getting sound legal advice from our legal team before you make any further decisions. Whether the assets within the trust will be divided or will be protected from a split will depend on a range of factors. The good news is you’re not alone as you navigate the challenging waters of a divorce with assets. We are here for you throughout your divorce or separation to help you make sense of legel terms and to provide the highest quality of legal service possible.

Making The Right Decisions During A Divorce

By reaching out to reputable divorce lawyers in Melbourne from our firm, you’ll position yourself for a positive outcome when your divorce is finalized. Your spouse or partner may try to blindside you, even if you’re on amicable terms, in order to gain an edge over your finances and assets. Don’t let something like that happen when we’re just a phone call away. Speak with us about a family trust to protect assets from divorce.

Schedule a free 30-minute consulttion with Rigoli Lawyers when you call 03 8742 3199. You’ll also find a wealth of free information on our website, including fact sheets and free e-books, information about our legal team, testiminials, blog articles, payment options, and a list of our services.


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Family Trust To Protect Assets From Divorce Family Trust To Protect Assets From Divorce
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