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criminal defence lawyer Vancouver

5 Attributes Of A Top Notch Criminal Defence Lawyer From Vancouver

When you find yourself in need of a criminal defence lawyer in the Vancouver region, time is always of the essence and you are going to need to make a decision as quickly as possible. The best way to streamline this decision making process is to know more about the five best attributes of a top notch criminal defence lawyer from Vancouver.

There are certain traits that allow certain lawyers to stand apart from their peers and thanks to this helpful list, you can narrow down the selection process much more easily and find the right criminal defence lawyer when you are facing serious charges or an upcoming Vancouver trial, so be sure to read on and learn more.

1. Unimpeachable Integrity

At times like these, you want a lawyer that has a high level of integrity and cannot be swayed in one direction or the other. They trust in their level of knowledge and their ability to offer legal services of the highest possible caliber. A lawyer with integrity is always as honest with his client as possible and he keeps him fully informed of all progress that is taking place in his case, so that he is not finding out secondhand.

2. Well Honed Research Skills

The best lawyers need to be able to conduct research on the fly and find out everything that needs to be known as soon as they are made aware of the circumstances surrounding the case. This research includes any and all precedents involving your legal procedure and they will also spend a great deal of time looking into the specific crime that you are accused of committing and speaking to eyewitnesses if the situation allows.

3. Great Negotiator

This is one of the most crucial attributes of all and will often make or break your case. While some lawyers can prove that your wrongdoing did not take place, it takes a special criminal defence lawyer to negotiate a desirable outcome with the defense and the prosecution. If you do not have a top quality lawyer by your side during this step of the process, you may find yourself with a much longer jail sentence or much larger fine than what you had originally hoped for.

4. Knowledge of Law Intricacies

Knowledge of law intricacies can be the deciding factor in many cases. Having a lawyer by your side who has dedicated themselves to mastering them is very important. The lawyer should also have a strong level of knowledge when it comes to the judge that is presiding over your case and their mannerisms, so that you know exactly what to expect every step of the way.

5. Proper Demeanor

Courtroom proceedings are not a time for pomp and circumstance, nor are they a time for fun and games. You need a lawyer who fully understands this and is not willing to step into a courtroom without the proper demeanor. However, there are moments when being theatrical is appropriate and when these moments occur, you need a lawyer who knows how to step up to the plate.


criminal defence lawyer Vancouver

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criminal defence lawyer Vancouver criminal defence lawyer Vancouver criminal defence lawyer Vancouver
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