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Commentary on The Values Voter Summit Vs. The Census Data On Poverty

The Values Voter Summit Vs. The Census Data On Poverty

My recent commentary on this article:

Nice piece. But let’s tell the world what “values voter” really stands for. It’s code language politically minded pastors, preachers and priests use to skirt federal law by telling congregants how to vote in elections. These manipulative leaders want to keep their congregations tax-free status but they also want to play power politics. So they tell their congregations to “vote their values”. Then, outside the sanctuary, politically active church members hand out pamphlets informing congregants exactly which candidates share their “values.” It’s underhanded; God’s house regularly becomes a political den of thieves. As to the things the Values Voter Summit is focused on, as the article points out, most have nothing to do with the Gospel: Strengthen the Military • Limit Government • Control Spending • Defend Our Freedoms. Jesus’ great salvation of the human race didn’t and doesn’t need a military, or a government, or limited spending or even defense of freedom. While every American is entitled to any opinion they please on these four issues, Jesus’ words don’t justify the Values Voter Summit positions.

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